Add a device to Pybytes

Last updated 6 months ago

In this section, we will explain to you how to add a device to Pybytes

Step 1: Add device wizard

In Pybytes, go to Devices Page:

  1. Click on Add Device.

2. Select your device (e.g., WiPy, LoPy, SiPy, etc.);

3. Select your shield (e.g., PySense, PyTrack, PyScan or other);

4. Select your network option;

5. Enter a unique name and the network credentials (SSID and password) for your device;

Step 2: Connect your device to Pybytes

At the end of the "Add Device" wizard, Pybytes will give you two options for you to connect your device to Pybytes:

Select how you would like to connect your device to Pybytes:

2. Connect your device by flashing Pybytes Library

From firmware 1.16.x onwards all Pycom devices come with Pybytes library built-in /frozen folder. That means that you can choose between adding your device quickly with the firmware updater or you can flash Pybytes library manually.